I would loVe to be a HOOP LOVE COACH…

Dearest Deanne & her panel of delights choosing the scholarship winner…

This is a short blog entry for the sharing of a few extra bits and bobs. FYI – the visual & heart connection is on the  youtube clip… http://youtu.be/Y7U0Dlo56pg

Nicola hula4love copy

I am Nicola Jackman – an actress & joy catalyst. I’ve been a professional performing artist for over 18 years and for the past 10 years I’ve devoted most of my life to growing loVe & joy. I started a Public Benefit organisation  in 2003, it’s called The UPliftment Programme (www.theup.org.za) – we go into hospitals, schools and homes and share loVe & joy with the children there – volunteering our time at least once a week and collectively UPlifting approximately 3000 children every month.

I abSOULutely loVe hOOping, I may be relatively new to all the tricks and tools – but I’m a swift learner and deeply committed to growing loVe & joy in the world and I’m fully aware that hOOping does both!!

I am in awe at the growing support of our first ever global campaign #hula4loVe, encouraging folk around the world to send us their hooping minutes so we can create a circle of loVe around the world. And the exciting thing is… since our organisation birthed the idea on 1st Feb  #hula4loVe initiative has logged over 29 000kms/mins; so we have shifted the intention form 1 Circle of LoVe to 10 Circles of Love (as we are celebrating our 10years of joyful service)…



Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 12.36.28 AM


The Circle of LoVe moves around my body, toning me and giving me some self-love time – I send those minutes to #hula4loVe and I’m part of a global movement then that co-creating a collective art piece – our planet virtually circled in OUR LOVE!!!Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.04.51 PM

Thanks for you’re consideration!!

With LoVe & UPpreciation for the ROCKSTAR of loVe & hOOping you are in this Looneyverse

Nicola Jackman



JOY Catalyst brings you a Care Clown Story…

Charlotte Maxeka


This was one remarkable marathon of a weekend, as it included marching for the protection of our lions along with over 2000 others in Johannesburg, serious consideration of the on-going plight of our Rhino’s and even the training of 5 new volunteer Care Clowns… Wanting to do something hand-on, I chose to include one further gift, a Care Clown visit to the children of Charlotte Maxeke (JHB General Hospital).

Together with 3 other awesome Care Clowns, we sang songs of joy, of loVe and fun to ALL in passages and wards. Then we came to this room of five young patients, one was behind curtains, the four others ranged from shy young toddler, to very interactive almost teen. We knocked, we were invited in and each Care Clown chose a new friend to share joy time with. I chose the shy toddler, who lay very still, his eyes just occasionally glancing at me approaching gently.

As I reached his bed, I looked briefly into his uncertain little eyes and then swiftly looked away, in a super shy giggle, placing my head softly onto his bed, next to his one little hand. As my head lay there still gently giggling, he reached for my hair and as he touched my hair, he giggled too.

I knew now that I had a bridge to bring him more joy, so I gently stood up, now taking in his surroundings. On his bed was one of those clear noisy guns that show the machinery of the noise maker inside… The gun was broken so I curiously picked it up, unclear of its purpose, speaking a Minion like (minXadeesh) gibberish, I explored it and discovered it had imaginary buttons and was actually a type of phone. Making the digital tones “dooo deee booo baaaa dooo” I pushed the buttons and instantly the imaginary caller & I were engaged in an excited gibberish conversation… “blesght bregeshhht mulesha purushheeey brumumm moooeshey sshha shsha…” His eyes smiling, he’s watching intently… I gesture on the phone that the caller wants a word with him too…  Placing the phone to my new friend’s ear – he takes the phone joyfully & shouts into it “bresch mrooosh bregentemshum” then he pushes it back to me – I end the call with another excited “gerushmd kungsdehts colunerfrumcaleee” and hang up – looking at my friend… We both giggle ourselves silly and this remarkable gift of a game, that’s fuelling us both, starts up again & again & again!!! Without language, our hearts are engaged and we play for  about 10 awesome minutes. Then as I’m about to leave him, I lean down to pick UP some toys of his off the floor that he may enjoy once I’m gone; Again my heart once again beams with joy, as I place onto his bed , a lion, a rhino and a minion…

I live a life full of miracles and right now I really understand – as a joy catalyst – I’m a bit of a minion for this planet’s health. I will do all that I can to support ALL beings and as such support myself to be less of a “despicable me” and more of a light!!!

So Dear One’s I wish you all on-going truth, love, awesome gifting to others and self and a growing LOVING relationship with God & ALL of this planet too.


THE UP on the UP & UP

all for one & one for all

Around the world hundreds & thousands of awe inspiring change makers, catalysts & activists are creating miraculous transformation and this inspires us all to keep active with our projects too.

The UPliftment Programme is celebrating 1O YEARS of sharing joy and inspired by all these awesome events, nek-nominations, 100Happy Days and the likes – we’ve just launched our first global game – a collective art piece #hula4loVe.

See more on https://www.facebook.com/Hula4LoVe 


We are making inspiring films, loads of awesome events & we will start hooping in schools from previously disadvantaged communities… If you’re inspired to sUPport…

If you’d like to donate to The UP here’s all the info you may need

Account name: The UPliftment Programme, Bank Name: Standard Bank, Branch name: Claremont, Branch code: 0251090,  Account number: 072538546

Then drop UP an email if you want to enjoy the tax benefits of donating to UP… upliftmentprogramme(at)gmail.com

With love & thanks

The UP and #hula4loVe Teams…

waiting for



Yay (def.) is an exclamation indicating joy, approval, congratulation, or triumph.

When I say “Yay” – you say “YAY” – Why? Because it feels so good. Why? Because it’s a perfect expression of joy; because even if you don’t feel like saying it, when you do say YAY – it makes you feel like saying it again – YAY!


Here’s an article on JOY & YAY… thanks to MetaVarsity for encouraging me to write it…


Wishing you all a year full of  YAY!!!


Whatever it is you want to do in your life – don’t delay COMMIT TODAY… do one thing that show’s every part of you that you’ve made a commitment to doing it – even if it’s a dream holiday – go find a picture of the island and put it somewhere visable, or the pottery, gym, language class that you’ve always wanted to do, make call’s today to  find out how you can do them… “ask and you shall receive” is clearly in the bible – and we kind of ask and then start thinking how and block ourselves with the thoughts of their impossibility… From my own experience – my advise is we just need to put the REQUEST out clearly by making a commitment to doing it. Then let go and let GOD…


Celebrating the 1st laugh…

It’s amazing for me how different cultures connect with joy and truth is…


This said, some cultures celebrate the mirthful release of laughter. In fact, the Navajo traditions celebrate a newborn’s first giggle.

According to Navajo (or Diné) tradition, a baby is considered to be of two worlds at birth: that of the holy people and that of the earth people. As weeks pass, adults wait and listen for the child’s first chuckle — a sign of joy that signals his desire to join his earth family and community. In Navajo culture, it is believed that a child assumes the qualities of the person who witnesses, or coaxes, his first giggle. This celebration is followed by a blessing to ensure the child lives alife full of generosity and gratitude.

Amazing for me…

1) The Celebration of the laugh – if only we ALL realised the importance of the gift of  laughter

2) I’ve mentioned it before, but the joy of giving and the joy of being grateful… HUGE

LAUGHTER , GIVING and GRATITUDE – well worth celebrating and sharing!

smile baby

Stepping UP… 10 years of sharing JOY…

I celebrate the care, the kindness, the commitment, the love of each and every person

who has volunteered or sUPported The UP in last 10 years…

What started as a dream to share and grow joy & 2 volunteers myself & Lucille Greeff walked into Red Cross Burns Ward…

has grown into an awe-inspiring – purpose creating and loving family of over 75 volunteers…

There have been 100′s more in this journey & countless gifts & contributions & I just want to put a



My wish for this planet is we will all Step UP, become active contributors to this planet, find ways daily to be awesome examples of humanKIND and shine as you live – doing what brings you joy…


JOY ACTIVIST & self discovery

I am always amazed at how many people ask me – “are you always joyful & happy?”  & then I smile & say “no – don’t worry – I too am human and go through my stuff & still even judge my tides… I just choose to not stay there too long”

Actually at present I’m busy preparing to get married (check out weddingdit.com) and I’ve all sorts of new things coming up for me, mostly related to very deep fear of commitment and the amount of trust it seems you have to have to totally commit to someone for life, when you just never know what could come up. I’m working through it and for sure there’s been many tears, not all of them joyful I can say honestly – but healing all the same…

I’m going to end this post with a picture & the poem I’ve just written & I hope it will inspire ALL of you out there working though your tides & just be that much more gentle & loving with yourself as you peel back the layers…