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A new week, a new opportunity…

“Everyday create your History” – so I choose to go into this week with shared council –  “for me and for you and the entire human race” (The Michael Jackson songs continue to tune guidance through me)

This week FREE SPIRIT, a local TV show, will be shooting a feature on The UP – on the healing power of JOY and I see a new opportunity to live emotionally alive – freeing up my laughter, I allow myself to tune into feelings and whent the tears form – I allow those too – without judgement

Makes me wonder – how wonderful we would be as human beings – without all the judgment, if were more gentle on ourselves, wouldn’t be more gentle on others too?

This week I choose Truth and integrity with each passing moment…

“Heal the World” – Michael Jackson

Yesterday was just crazy emotional – for those who think joy is an escape of emotion – I say – joy allows you to FEEL…

Yesterday I felt the loss of Michael & Farah for their artistic contributions to the world… But Michael’s death also filled me with hope – hope that now his wisdom (lyrics) would be heard and the judgements ceize…

I imagined his spirit floating high above the planet, able to zoom in on all the people who’s lives he so greatly touched… seeing me and the other Care Clowns teaching “heal the world” to the the children of Masiphumalela at the Southerly most tip of Africa – he touched the world and will continue to do so for ever and now he can Rest in Peace

Thank YOU Michael – for being the purely, enlightened, child-like genius you were


FACT – laughter boosts immune function

Numerous articles and scientific papers now prove – LAUGHTER boosts immune function

Two worthy facts that support this are worth noting

  1. There is a direct relationship between diseased cells and their lack of oxygen, the more oxygen we have the healthier our cells – deep strong breaths are needed – when we laugh we over-exhale (try it, it works- tee hee), making it fun to remove all the stale air and take a healthy deep fresh breath
  2. T-cells are our fighter cells – and after a healthy laugh, their functioning is improved

The cheapest, least painful and swiftest and most fun, flu vaccine is LAUGHTER.

join a laughter club, rent the funnies, support your comedians, get your laughter treatment today

Red Nose power

This secret I learnt from my inspired friend / amigo in JOY – Andres Aguillar – founder of Risaterpia…

KEEP A RED NOSE in your car… this way with beggars, traffic and general road experiances you have the perfect JOY SHARING device…

Today I was caught in a traffic jam in a dual lane road and both lanes were moving real slow – so car by car I watched the Red Nose activate the Awesome JOY…


Simple and so much fun


Care Clowning

Around the world many like-minded community conscious folk are tuning into the Art of Volunteering…

what a gift…

I’ve just returned from another session of volunteered time at our local Red Cross Children’s hospital – where 3 inspired friends and myself removed our baggage and allowed ourselves to be vessels for love, laughter, play and light to flow through – the space we created was JOY…

A great gift…

a gift that grows as it’s’ shared

I would love to see this inspired volunteering continue to grow

Giggles and Gratitude all!

Juan clown, Sparky, Mafrika and Crazy - what a team of Care Clowns
Juan clown, Sparky, Mafrika and Crazy - what a team of Care Clowns

Greetings JOY seekers, sharers and activists!

Welcome to – SHARING JOY…

all for one & one for all

The joyous site – is intended as much for my growth as yours

Expect –

  • up-to-date reflections of laughter, joy, happiness and humanKINDness – shared with love and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the SOLUTION, the MEDICINE, the OTHER SIDE of the coin, which makes our world so unique.
  • tips for how to bring and sustain JOY
  • PODCASTS or at least links to them (with laughter exercises and audio tips)
  • TRUTH – I’m embarking on the journey in the longest night of 2009 to share my daily JOY experiences and practice what I teach
  • Inspiration – to find your JOY path – I hope many others will be inspired to choose a more JOYfull existence and in turn inspire others etc etc
  • LINKS to other inspiring, joyfull and uplifting sites, blogs and articles

With giggles and gratitude

Thank you for coming to share JOY and please feel free to send me your joy stories and reflections through contact link or directly to *nikkijackmanjoy (at)

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