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Giggles and Gratitude

Finding the time, making the time to live both these inspired states of being, as often as possible and full of integrity…

tee hee hee
tee hee hee

The Giggle, sometime not easy to do, but with a simple shift of perspective, life’s challenges seem less serious – it’s amazing how a giggle even frees you from the frenetic on-goings of your mind…

The Gratitude – taking the time to appreciate, not just all we’re personally gifted in our lives, but every being we can appreciate too… The loved one – who once again prepared dinner, the staff at the till’s who serve us, the petrol attendant etc etc
My favorite joy trick of late: – I ask these service giving folk – “has someone appreciated you today?” : it always starts them thinking, then smiling and then often giggling as I tail off our interaction with; “thank you – I appreciate you and I hope many others now will too”

Gratitude – such a gift and tool to break down any wall… the one’s which internally block us from our humanKINDness and the outer walls which hinder us from deep connections too.

Giggles and Gratitude to you all!

The greatest LOVE

This little story touched me so…

My life is what it is, as so many others have given and shared so much with me… Everyday by being the best, most loving versions of ourselves, we too can touch lives…

A little boy was told by his doctor that he could save his little sister’s life by giving her some blood. The six-year-old girl was near death, a victim of a disease from which the boy had made a marvelous recovery two years earlier. Her only chance for restoration was a blood transfusion from someone who had previously conquered the illness. Since the children had the same rare blood type, the boy was the ideal donor.

“Johnny, would you like to give your blood for Mary?” the doctor asked. The boy hesitated. His lower lip started to tremble. Then he smiled, and said, “Sure Doc. I’ll give my blood for my sister.” Soon the two children were wheeled into the operating room—Mary, pale and thin; Johnny, robust and the picture of health. Neither spoke, but when their eyes met, Johnny grinned.

As his blood siphoned into Mary’s veins, one could almost see new life come into her tired body. The ordeal was almost over when Johnny’s brave little voice broke the silence, “Say Doc, when do I die.”

It was only then that the doctor realized what the moment of hesitation, the trembling of the lip, had meant earlier. Little Johnny actually thought that in giving his blood to his sister he was giving up his life! And in that brief moment, he had made his great decision!

“Everyday create your history, every path you take, you’re leaving your legacy…” Michael Jackson

Blessed beautiful day to you all

With appreciation we create joy…


It’s with appreciation, with gratitude that we experience joy…

Last night I heard that science is finally proving, what we’ve always intuited, that when we appreciate or are appreciated – we experience positive physiological responses.

PROVING – Appreciation creates joy in symbiosis


On that note – I’d like to share an appreciation I received for my 67Random acts “shinanigans” (love that word) on Mandela Day –

I just want to say what a special moment happened on Mandela Day, my mom was entering a bookshop when she was given this rose quatz with a special message. While she was handed this stone her mother-in-law passed away at that precised moment.
My mom loves the stone and the message, she has shown everyone in the family.
It brought a smile on her face during the death of a love one.Thank-you to this wonderful person who took a moment to hand her this stone.
I look at this small stone and see something magical about it.

Big DAD thanks for the lesson in appreciation and the growth of folk SHARING JOY

If you too are inspired to do random acts of kindness , or if someone has done something for you – share it here or on the facebook site “sharing Joy”

With giggles and gratitude y’all – thanks for following my blog

Awakening and living the DREAM

Together we can all awaken from THE DREAM and CREATE THE WORLD WE ENVISION

What an inspired time to be alive! Sure we’re all aware of the chaos, bitterness and anxiety active in the world these days, but we’re also equally aware of the magnificent, mind altering, awe inspiring change happening simultaneously too…

Never before have so many people on the planet been so able to share information and so willing to create the time, to share a little from their hearts… Together we’re all beginning to imagine positive changes and together we’re in the position to start effecting that change – the time is NOW!

I’m please to introduce you all to an inspired initiative with SOLUTIONS and ACTION STEPS for us all as WE AWAKEN AND BEGIN TO LIVE THE DREAM…
Go to and share you inspired steps and learn what others are doing to ‘be the change they wish to see in the world’.

(the following extract was on their site and expresses my feelings perfectly)

Beautiful butterfly
Beautiful butterfly

When a caterpillar reaches a certain point in its own evolution, it becomes over-consumptive, a voracious eater and it eats everything in sight.
At that same time, in the molecular structure of the caterpillar, the “imaginal cells” become active. While all this gorging is going on, those imaginal cells wake up, and they look for each other inside of the caterpillar’s body. When enough of them connect (they don’t need to be in the majority) they become the genetic directors of the future of the caterpillar. At that point the other cells begin to putrefy and become what’s called the nutritive soup—out of which the imaginal cells create the absolute unpredictable miracle of the butterfly.
What’s possible is that we’re the imaginal cells on the planet right now.

Inspired by Elisabet Sahtouris

Let’s prepare for the formation of the butterfly my ‘imaginal cell’ friends… The time is NOW!

Mandela Day

random acts of kindness

Inspired by Madiba’s (Mandela) Birthday Celebrations and all the talk of  – “what are you doing for your 67 minutes of giving back”…

I felt inspired to do 67 Random Acts of Kindness – ok – given, there was some thought that went into them (so they weren’t entirely random, but full of kindness and I gave out sweets sometimes too… the reality is, it just felt wonderful to BE as humanKIND should be, it always does feel wonderful…

Noticing people, all people, without noticing difference in culture or class or whatever. Just sharing a flower with a beggar, who immediately lit up -as she tucked her rose into her pocket or the lady farmer in the coffee shop, who shared a hug and environmental concerns, or the grandpa who loved his gratitude stone or the many happy faces who just appreciated the interaction… When we open up and notice the opportunities to connect with people – the magic of LOVE flows and always creates joy.

So Happy Birthday Madiba and thanks for inspiring us ALL to be better versions of ourselves.

Care Clown moment…

Care Clown giggle wishes
Care Clown giggle wishes

So there I am in character, playing in the lobby of Woodside Sanctuary (home for profoundly physically and mentally challenged)… My Care Clown persona, my inner playful child, totally connected to the moment and flow of Joy.

One of my precious friends from Woodside, Gareth, is there welcoming me. I’ve called him ‘Dad’ for many years. My Care Clown really sees and treats him as Dad, even though he’s at least 20years younger than me and he just plays along…
Today however, I can tell he needs an empathic ear, I move in to listen closely.

He explains, “this morning I had a heart attack”, his eyes fill with tears, “my baby has to have an operation”. I know immediately he’s referring to a little girl, Mishay, who he’s kind of adopted in his own special, caring, nurturing way.
The staff explain Mishay’s at Red Cross and Gareth didn’t really have a heart attack. I know what he means…

I hug him immediately and say, “Dad if you want, we can say a little prayer, it always makes me feel better” – he nods through his tears.
I take his hand and another staff member joins too, making it a circle of three as my Care Clown begins the pray “Big Dad please look after Mishay and help Dad to know she’ll be okay, cos when we put it in your hands Jesus, you take care of it in such a special way. Thank you Big Dad for your love. In Jesus name… Amen”

We all open our eyes.
Dad’s almost smiling again, I show him my clown baby, “Look Dad my clown baby lost her hand, she also needs an operation – maybe she can go in with Mishay” – he smiles and once again we’re back in play zone.

Later he calls me aside again, “I’m not feeling okay”, I ask, “Should I pray again” and he nods… We share our Big Dad connection and he looks at me and says “I feel better now”… the play takes it’s form and my Care Clown is once again trying to find the shoes, they all keep hiding from her…And we play until our hour is UP and we blow kisses and best wishes…
It’s magical what happens when you let go and let God and I feel so blessed to have Care Clowning in my life to practice being a vessel for the Devine to flow. Also looking at the experience we shared, I think, we’re all like Dad was in that moment, sometimes we just need a prayer buddy, an empathic ear and a playful gesture to help us out of our heads again and back into the NOW.

Thanks Dad and Big Dad for that magical experience and thanks guys for reading and sharing this too…

Blessed weekend all!

Watermelon mystery…

Watermelon Mystery

I woke up this morning with this inspired writing in my mind and had to share it.

I have observed the power of the watermelon seed. It has the power of drawing from the ground and through itself 200,000 times its weight. When you can tell me how it takes this material and out of it colors an outside surface beyond the imitation of art, and then forms inside of it a white rind and within that again a red heart, thickly inlaid with black seeds, each one of which in turn is capable of drawing through itself 200,000 times its weight—

when you can explain to me the mystery of a watermelon, you can ask me to explain the mystery of God. – William Jennings Bryan

Sometimes life is best just left undefined and the miracles of life just joyfully experianced and shared as the miraculous, mysterious wonders that they are…


Here’s just a few testimonials on Nikki’s JOY Sessions and MCing

Pick ‘n Pay

“Nikki puts a lot of energy into her workshops and it germinated a seed in our minds that we should try and look on the bright side; A worthwhile workshop –I’ll definitely use Nikki’s services again.”         Mark Jennings Head of Marketing WCape, Pick ‘n Pay.

Sunflower Fund – Bandana Day MC – V& A Waterfront
“Highly entertaining, enthusiastic and passionate speaker – Nikki is a real “live wire and lots of fun”.

TINA BOTHA founder- Sunflower Fund

Standard Bank – Johannesburg

“95.3% for the Joy Session.This is the highest score standard bank has ever seen for a workshop:) Not to mention we are all joking and up to mischief at the moment – what a nice change:)

Nicky Pantland                                                                                                                                                                  Manager: Modeling, Reporting and MIS/ Credit Division Standard Bank.

Cape Talk

“We loved the workshop – thank you”

Shelly Doyle PR Manager

Shell SA

“Very enriching and a great release – thanks for all the tips and laughter”

Ken Christie

Heart Shapes a JOY for me

They are so simple, so over used and yet they are still a great gift and a symbol of love, peace, play and joy to me.

I even believe that God knows I love them so much so he lets me know where to look, so I don’t miss the puddle shaped like one or the cloud puffed in heart perfection…

I’ve just returned from an inspired trip to Namibia – where I integrated the Joy Activist with Stand UP comic and an 85minutes of pure joy… It was a treat and it also gifted me some family time with my folks, siblings, nephews and niece.

I did however loose one of my very favourite earings at my niece’s dedication party. these gorgeous leather polka dots dangles, which I’d swiftly grown attached to – were now un-paired. I said a little prayer, hoped the angels would help them to be re-united and went to sleep. When I awoke my precious Da had gone to the frosty field and found the lonely earing. Just a meter away, lay a little felt heart…

My Da had brought them both back to me – so beautiful… this little sign the angels had left and so wonderful that I got to share it with my dad and now all of you…

Heart shapes continue to be a joy for me and I’m so very grateful for all the abundant blessings of joy in my life

That little heart sybolises the Joy I’m blessed to share with the world, my precious family, my deep gratitude to Big Dad and the Great Love that continues to flourish in these changing times…