Monthly Archives: December 2011

WOW 2011!!

wow what an inspired year…

2011 you have been an inspired year full of learning, growing, exploring, standing, falling and deeply grasping the strength of TEAM!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

As this year draws to a close I am letting go of:

  • Excuses for not being courageous and extra-ordinary
  • making FEAR mean more than just another thought
  • Worrying about anything and not seeking support when I feel like I can’t stop worrying
  • Thinking I NEED to DO LIFE on MY OWN
  • Hiding behind the blanket of the past
  • Lack mentality

And I am embracing and nurturing:

  • Awesome JOY purpose
  • MAfrika and her awesome possibility –
  • TEAM & FAMILY in all areas of my life
  • humanKINDness – when I am for others – I am for me
  • LOVE & I choose to choose LOVE again and again and again
  • Courage & LOVE as the antidote to FEAR
  • Sharing myself openly and honestly
  • INTEGRITY – truth, honour, trust – in all ways…

This has been amazing year and I send love to all the precious friends and colleagues who’ve shared this growth with me – I especially acknowledge all The UP volunteers and sUPporters, all the stars at Landmark Education and all the awesome Dear Ones who’ve been collaborating to make MAfrika’s 2012 dream manifest.

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Special thanks to God for ALL that is and is to come!

With big hugs and huge appreciation for 2011!

:) Nicola