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My MAfrikan dream – 6 months in

Dearest Dear Ones (as MAfrika like to call our supporters)

This world is an awesome one, full of awesome adventurers courageous enough to live their dreams and create and live into inspired possibilities.


These words were always inspiring for me – but they really only felt like words for a while – but lately living this MAfrikan dream – I understand the remarkable effect dreams have when you are courageous enough to take them on. I was bold when I declared that in 2012 – I’d take this inspiring little one woman show MAfrika and reach twenty cities in twelve months, I could see that in reality it would take loads of creation and all I could feel was a tingling in my heart that seemed to be saying – just keep doing what you can right now and it will happen.

So the plan was to have reached 6 cities by now & at least 1500 children – well the dream lives and I’ve surrendered the how to God and I”m thrilled to say that we have completed 4 cities and 2 rural areas – we’ve reached over 2500 children already & I feel like it’s actually NOW about to take off. I’m so excited because people are so inspired by MAfrika’s message and they’re stepping up to help us reach thousands more.


In the theatre show MAfrika learns from the Fire element how to throw away her fear, from Earth how to laugh & connect to her purpose, from Air she learns to breathe & Water teaches her to go with the flow and surrender. What apt reminders too for me on the physical journey & I am totally surrendered to how this journey will look at the end.

Yes I still hold the intention (or inTENtion as MAfrika calls it) of being as far as Somalia by the end of the year and to have reached 20 000 children with this wonderful message of love, joy and unity. And I start a new fundraising campaign tomorrow & I’m praying for some corporate or large investment support… I’m also going to stay open to all the synergising, collaborating, win-win-win opportunities & welcome any tips you have for me.

THANK YOU DEAR ONE’S for believing in your dreams, for courageously stepping into them and for BEing awesome examples of humanKIND!!!