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Celebrating the 1st laugh…

It’s amazing for me how different cultures connect with joy and truth is…


This said, some cultures celebrate the mirthful release of laughter. In fact, the Navajo traditions celebrate a newborn’s first giggle.

According to Navajo (or Diné) tradition, a baby is considered to be of two worlds at birth: that of the holy people and that of the earth people. As weeks pass, adults wait and listen for the child’s first chuckle — a sign of joy that signals his desire to join his earth family and community. In Navajo culture, it is believed that a child assumes the qualities of the person who witnesses, or coaxes, his first giggle. This celebration is followed by a blessing to ensure the child lives alife full of generosity and gratitude.

Amazing for me…

1) The Celebration of the laugh – if only we ALL realised the importance of the gift of  laughter

2) I’ve mentioned it before, but the joy of giving and the joy of being grateful… HUGE

LAUGHTER , GIVING and GRATITUDE – well worth celebrating and sharing!

smile baby