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Sharing Joy’s a gift…

I dedicate this article to the late Robin Williams, “I thank you for your massive kindness, your inspirational contributions to our world, I loVe you – I hope you feel the bubbles of loVe I’m sending your way”.

I truly believe the most powerful words we can say and hear are “I loVe you”, to ourselves and ALL others. We all need to hear them and feel loVed.

And so wherever you are in the world, even though I may not even know you yet, “I loVe you, I loVe you for doing the best you can with the tools you have and for being part of the family of humankind.”
I would like to share a special story, like the Patch Adams story (which Robin brought to life in the movie), this one also features a Care Clown who kindly gifted her time to support the emotional wellness of children in hospital.

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