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I was inspired to share what BRAVERY IS TO ME…

joy in living

Bravery to me – means stepping boldly into FOLLOWING your DREAMS those special dreams of your heart.
Ten years ago I envisioned my Care Clown (hospital clown) reaching thousands of children and adult children with her message of love,joy and unity.
Now it’s 2012 and I’m touring with MAfrika (my Care Clown) 20 cities 12 months through Africa. I’ve already reached 1500 children in the first 2 cities and I feel my life shifting with the massive bravery it takes every day to LIVE THE BIG DREAM!
I was born this way, with a whole heap of crazy creativity, hope, love and joy to share and I’m thrilled to be living in a time where we are all accepting this awesome individuality and celebrating the ONEness we all are beyond that too!

I am so excited about our world and the possibility that exists right now for us all to dream, create and live as ONE!