Did you find JOY?

did you find JOY?
did you find JOY?

Anyone seen the Bucket list?

Inspired movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, there’s one particular part that has got me thinking and smiling…

They’re sitting on the pyramids discussing the Egyptian legend of dying. Apparently upon death, the God’s would ask them 2 questions

  1. Did you find Joy?
  2. Did you bring Joy to anyone else?

How inspired…

Each and everyone¬† of us has our own fingerprint knowledge of what brings us joy… (nature walks, family time, writing, music etc etc) and when we make the time to experience these joys it fuels us. What’s extra inspired and this I’ve heard from so many volunteers -who share joy with children in hospitals, is bringing joy to someone else – immediatley creates joy for the giver too

That’s why it’s sharing joy… we become the vessel for joy to be present in our lives and the beings in our close proximity… YAY !!!

Ask yourself the questions often and I hope we can all proudly say “YES” and “YAY” to them both.

With love and laughter, giggles and gratitude –

I wish you all an inspired and JOYfull day and thank you for reading.

One thought on “Did you find JOY?

  1. There are times that you post just the right thing…needed to read this today…reminded me of what’s important and just how I have been neglecting myself…so thank you…

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