Giggles and Gratitude

Finding the time, making the time to live both these inspired states of being, as often as possible and full of integrity…

tee hee hee
tee hee hee

The Giggle, sometime not easy to do, but with a simple shift of perspective, life’s challenges seem less serious – it’s amazing how a giggle even frees you from the frenetic on-goings of your mind…

The Gratitude – taking the time to appreciate, not just all we’re personally gifted in our lives, but every being we can appreciate too… The loved one – who once again prepared dinner, the staff at the till’s who serve us, the petrol attendant etc etc
My favorite joy trick of late: – I ask these service giving folk – “has someone appreciated you today?” : it always starts them thinking, then smiling and then often giggling as I tail off our interaction with; “thank you – I appreciate you and I hope many others now will too”

Gratitude – such a gift and tool to break down any wall… the one’s which internally block us from our humanKINDness and the outer walls which hinder us from deep connections too.

Giggles and Gratitude to you all!