WOW 2011!!

wow what an inspired year…

2011 you have been an inspired year full of learning, growing, exploring, standing, falling and deeply grasping the strength of TEAM!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

As this year draws to a close I am letting go of:

  • Excuses for not being courageous and extra-ordinary
  • making FEAR mean more than just another thought
  • Worrying about anything and not seeking support when I feel like I can’t stop worrying
  • Thinking I NEED to DO LIFE on MY OWN
  • Hiding behind the blanket of the past
  • Lack mentality

And I am embracing and nurturing:

  • Awesome JOY purpose
  • MAfrika and her awesome possibility –
  • TEAM & FAMILY in all areas of my life
  • humanKINDness – when I am for others – I am for me
  • LOVE & I choose to choose LOVE again and again and again
  • Courage & LOVE as the antidote to FEAR
  • Sharing myself openly and honestly
  • INTEGRITY – truth, honour, trust – in all ways…

This has been amazing year and I send love to all the precious friends and colleagues who’ve shared this growth with me – I especially acknowledge all The UP volunteers and sUPporters, all the stars at Landmark Education and all the awesome Dear Ones who’ve been collaborating to make MAfrika’s 2012 dream manifest.

MAfrika FB

Special thanks to God for ALL that is and is to come!

With big hugs and huge appreciation for 2011!

:) Nicola

JOY remember…

I’ve had the most awesome interactions with fellow joy activists

Volunteers who continue to make a remarkable joyful difference in the world – either as Care Clowns or Joy or Laughter Facilitators and it has got me thinking…

REMEMBER when you were little and you didn’t know of anything wrong – you might even have to go back to the womb (science has proven we are smiling in the womb by the way)… REMEMBER your inherit joy – it’s something we were all born with –

the knowing that this life:

it’s ALL beautiful, it’s all in harmony and it’s all an awesome amazing opportunity to play and learn and share and grow…

REMEMBER that smile that comes from your ALL knowing-ness

mother teresa


Remember you choose – so SMILE!


A poem from MAfrika –

in reflection of our ONENESS

It is titled Dear Ones

and it’s for all of you


we are one

together we are


1 powerful love

1 awesome healing

1 caring crysalis

1 humankind,

1 remembering identifying mind to stillness

1 loving heart dissolving fear madness

1 growing consciousness

1 immortal soul purpose

you are, we are, they are, they were

I am



Mintyl HaXaku – (translated – I love you)


The journey has started – I’m looking for the Dear Ones who will support me with preparing

I’m on Facebook –

nikki MAfrika


This youtube link can be put in a global context and when I do, I cry tears of joyful possibility…

yes we can

The hopes of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in KwaZulu are the same as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA;
we will remember that there is something happening in our Planet;
that we are not as divided as our politics suggests;
that we are one people;
we are one nation;
and together, we will begin the next great chapter in Earth’s story with three words that will ring from coast to coast;
from sea to shining sea – Yes. We. Can.

It’s simple these 3 words… say them , be them and create new ways of what we can again and again

Yes we can … support each other

YES WE CAN create good news

Yes We can live joyfully together




we can

all for one & one for all

Together we really can

I’m letting go
and I’m going to be a stand for our world now & enthuse till you’re standing with me


“How? Why?” you say:
“When we know it’s past the point of saving”

Hey Listen…

I didn’t say saving
The world is in enough trouble
Without global victim creating


K so we need to re-learn a new language
One that’s actually really the truth

the past complete so worth sharing- healing

Honestly at source
We are as ONCE thought


One planet

When I AM – you are

One being and freedom is coming
Like never
We saw it , see it and are seeing it



we bear such graceful wonder

as ONE

(copyleft *) created through Nicola Jackman


Wow what a treat of weekend…

All the laughter blasters teamed up to support LAUGHTER COACHING and between us all we kept the Look & Feel Good Expo in joyful hysteria. Looking about the expo I saw families together living into the expo intention – LOOKing and FEELing GOOD. I guess with massages, pamperings, raw food and of course laughter it was easy for them to be so.

Together we are creating a more joyful and positively inspired world and it starts with choosing that it can be this way. So all of you that are being such awesome examples of humanKIND – thank you for being you…

thank you

And my sharing for the week is a simple one – let’s all choose what makes us look and feel good – for the benefit of others too. Imagine when you look at other people – look at them with the intention that they will feel good too and then the way you will look is really good – I guarantee… tee-hee


Dearest JOY SUPPORTERS, friends and family…

Most of you know for the past 8 years I’ve been committed to my charity The UPliftment Programme and sharing the healing power of JOY.  We have grown from just 2 volunteers, Care Clowning at Red Cross Children’s hospital. To over 75 volunteers nationwide – UPlifting in excess of 3500 children every month.

And right now I’m asking you to help make my Birthday Celebration – my best ever…

yay happpppyyyyy

I’m not asking for presents, sweet words or cards this year – this year I’m asking you ALL to become monthly supporters of JOY…


I am envisioning a few hundred of my nearest and dearest all making monthly contributions (the amount depends on your budget – even as little as R50 every month will make a remarkable difference to UP sustainably sharing and growing JOY!) And if you just want to make a once-off BIRTHDAY donation – that too will be greatly appreciated.

We’ve set it UP – so donating is super easy – please go to and set up your once off or monthly donation.

Donate & help UP share joy

(This site is a secure donor site and all you need to do is click the red DONATE NOW button to set up your debit order)

Whether your do donate or not – thank you dearest friends, family and supporters of joy, for ALL your kindness and love…

ONE WORD – one vote

So EXCITING!!! Together with The Upliftment Programme, we have created this joyful, inspiring  little 1minute film –  “ONE WORD” and your vote can support us with a JOYful win!

Looking around these days, evidence of stress and depression is obvious. Few people seem to be laughing or smiling and the majority seem so caught up in resignation and cynisism. Yet coming from South Africa, I am part of a community super conscious of the power that individuals can have, our very own Madiba (Nelson Mandela) is a precious example of this. So I reckon if we ALL individually starting being the way of this one word – we would have a whole lot more joy on this planet and more joy means more peace and more solution-orientation…

We ALL have the potential to be the way of this ONE WORD and BE magnificent humanKIND.


So JOY sUPporters… please pop onto register and vote for JOY…

with giggles and gratitude


The UP has been actively sharing joy since 2003, their main outreach has been to the children in hospitals & institutions, where trained UP volunteer Care Clowns commit to their local hospital/home every week and share joy there with the children, parents and staff. Currently in Southern Africa there are over 75 volunteer Care Clowns and a monthly JOYful Upliftment of approximately 3500 people. go to for more info

More joy for corporates

In today’s fast paced changing world, we all need tools to help relieve our stressful mind-sets and limiting beleifs and support us into uplifted & joyful states of being, where we see that life truly is full of possibilities and inspiration.

Corporate JOY at a mine

Over the years many corporations have benefited from sharing and growing these joy-inspiring tools. The awareness of this uplifting work has greatly increased since The Upliftment Programme’s inception in 2003, with varying companies from media and advertising agencies, to government and mining; top executives and grassroots communities have all enjoyed JOY sessions.

One of the swiftest ways to improve Employees Wellness, Uplift morale and to inspire everyone to re-connect with their ability to play and laugh again – this forms the FUNdamentals of a Joy Session.

The Quantifiable Benefits to Corporations following JOY SESSIONS.

· Improved productivity

· Decreased absenteeism, burnout and turnover.

· Renewed motivation, creativity, morale, and meaning at work.

· Enhanced teamwork & trust.

· Increased energy and resilience to stress.

· Enriched quality of work/life balance.

· Elevated enthusiasm and involvement with interactive sessions.

· Improved customer care and service delivery.

· Alleviation of symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety and panic attacks.

· Increased wellbeing of employees and workforce.

· And more solution orientation and fun at work

Please call 083 300 2177 or email upliftmentprogramme(at) to book your session.

What people say about Joy Sessions

“The UP gave us a good giggle too, with a side-splitting session” HEART, Cape Town (2008)

“With today’s fear and stress, UP’s Joy Sessions are a breath of fresh air!  The bubbly and joyful interaction guides everyone out of their heads and into Giggling Gaffaws…”
– Synergy Seminars, Namibia (2009)

“The UP put alot of energy into their workshops and it germinated a seed in our minds to look on the bright side; A worthwhile workshop –I’ll definitely use UP’s services again.”

Mark Jennings WCape, Pick ‘n Pay.


The Upliftment Programme is a Not for Profit Organisation active since late 2003 – with the core aim of “Sharing the Healing Power of JOY”. Ten percent of all our Joy Sessions  directly support The UP – for the training of more Care Clowns & Joy Facilitators and the delivery of free joy sessions and care clowning sessions to needy communities and institutions nationwide.

To date the UP has brought laughter to over 10 000 children, through the healing art of Care Clowning. The therapeutic benefits of joy are brought to the children, parents & Staff in the hospitals & institutions.

The UP’s Community JOY Sessions – bring this inspired gift of JOY to adults within challenged communities. In Namibia, The UP suUPports Namibia Clinic Clowns – a sister organisation with the same JOY – value system and outreach.

For more information on the outreach of the UP, please access or call 083 300 2177.

P.S. – for a little taste of The UP’s joyous work  – please click on the link and enjoy.


So I’ve just returned from an inspired trip to Romania and Bucharest is a fascinating city…

One of my highlights is the people, joyful people who’ve found ways to still be fun, kind and caring – truly inspired examples of humanKIND. Their lives are deeply challenging, they’re still recovering from years of Communism and a current political and social structure that still manipulates the poor. And yet they still find joy…

Sure some may say, it’s just my perspective and that’s just it -my perspective is a joyful one and that’s what this blog is for a space to share that joy… One of my highlight experiences

We’re in a taxi, communicating through smiles and broken Romanian and English, when we pass a sign that says COMEDIA OPERA – so I’m looking at the taxi driver’ through his review mirror – gesturing at the sign “so is that teatro por OPERA COMEDIA?” and he’s immediately transformed into a performing artist with arms expressinve a sonly the Latin cultures know how “Da, Da, it’s COMEDIA OPERA – like haaaaaa haaaaaa hoooooo heee hee heee heeee…” . And that is me, finished giggling myself silly in his backseat, as he takes his comedy opera to another level “hooo hoooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. We all laughed and were left with this precious memory.

thanks to Chodaboy on flickr for sharing this pic

In fact OPERA COMEDIA is my new favorite JOY exercise and I encourage you all to create your own COMEDIA OPERA SONG… in fact maybe we should have comedy opera in every community – at least it’s an Opera we’ll all be able to understand for sure… :)