Recipe for JOY…

Please make sure you take the time to access all the ingredients and prepare everything with loving intention….

RECIPE FOR JOY (only delightful once shared)

1 Vessel / precious purposeful human being
1 cup of good intention (cup guideline only – infinite resource of this is Very healthy)
1 pinch of time ( a little goes a long way)
1 touch of kindness
1 heap of love

for garnish
2 or 3 creative dabs of face paint
1 red nose

This is not your typical recipe as it starts with the preparation of the garnish.
Take the human being and creatively doodle the garnish on the face.
Less is more, especially when preparing to share joy with the children in homes & hospitals. A little flower or heart compliments the red nose perfectly.

Next take the time (just one hour a week) and gently, carefully, totally ego-free, mix the good intention, kindness and love and enter into a space full of needy children. It’s amazing how the joyful mixture of the ingredients and the time – JOY just naturally, magically forms and flows.
Within minutes the JOY is created and shared equally with all.

enJOY and be part of the positive revolution… Become an “agent of JOY”
You could be creating and sharing joy every week
By Nikki Jackman

Contact The UPliftment Programme (or your local JOY organisation) and become a Care Clown or joy activist…

Together we can share this recipe abundantly!


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