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JOY remember…

I’ve had the most awesome interactions with fellow joy activists

Volunteers who continue to make a remarkable joyful difference in the world – either as Care Clowns or Joy or Laughter Facilitators and it has got me thinking…

REMEMBER when you were little and you didn’t know of anything wrong – you might even have to go back to the womb (science has proven we are smiling in the womb by the way)… REMEMBER your inherit joy – it’s something we were all born with –

the knowing that this life:

it’s ALL beautiful, it’s all in harmony and it’s all an awesome amazing opportunity to play and learn and share and grow…

REMEMBER that smile that comes from your ALL knowing-ness

mother teresa


Remember you choose – so SMILE!


Dearest JOY SUPPORTERS, friends and family…

Most of you know for the past 8 years I’ve been committed to my charity The UPliftment Programme and sharing the healing power of JOY.  We have grown from just 2 volunteers, Care Clowning at Red Cross Children’s hospital. To over 75 volunteers nationwide – UPlifting in excess of 3500 children every month.

And right now I’m asking you to help make my Birthday Celebration – my best ever…

yay happpppyyyyy

I’m not asking for presents, sweet words or cards this year – this year I’m asking you ALL to become monthly supporters of JOY…


I am envisioning a few hundred of my nearest and dearest all making monthly contributions (the amount depends on your budget – even as little as R50 every month will make a remarkable difference to UP sustainably sharing and growing JOY!) And if you just want to make a once-off BIRTHDAY donation – that too will be greatly appreciated.

We’ve set it UP – so donating is super easy – please go to www.up.givengain.org. and set up your once off or monthly donation.

Donate & help UP share joy

(This site is a secure donor site and all you need to do is click the red DONATE NOW button to set up your debit order)

Whether your do donate or not – thank you dearest friends, family and supporters of joy, for ALL your kindness and love…

ONE WORD – one vote

So EXCITING!!! Together with The Upliftment Programme, we have created this joyful, inspiring  little 1minute film –  “ONE WORD” and your vote can support us with a JOYful win!


Looking around these days, evidence of stress and depression is obvious. Few people seem to be laughing or smiling and the majority seem so caught up in resignation and cynisism. Yet coming from South Africa, I am part of a community super conscious of the power that individuals can have, our very own Madiba (Nelson Mandela) is a precious example of this. So I reckon if we ALL individually starting being the way of this one word – we would have a whole lot more joy on this planet and more joy means more peace and more solution-orientation…

We ALL have the potential to be the way of this ONE WORD and BE magnificent humanKIND.


So JOY sUPporters… please pop onto www.possiblefuturesfilmcontest.com register and vote for JOY…

with giggles and gratitude


The UP has been actively sharing joy since 2003, their main outreach has been to the children in hospitals & institutions, where trained UP volunteer Care Clowns commit to their local hospital/home every week and share joy there with the children, parents and staff. Currently in Southern Africa there are over 75 volunteer Care Clowns and a monthly JOYful Upliftment of approximately 3500 people. go to www.theup.org.za for more info