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JOYFULLY – a stand for PEACE

When I laugh, all that silly grumpy adult stuff just melts away… When I laugh – I feel so good, I feel my body tingle with joy and possibility…

and the good news is… it’s actually scientific – laughter increases the release of endorphins and seratonin and chemically after a good laugh – I actually really do feel better – YAY!!!

So I find myself thinking if we know laughter’s so good for us, how do we get more and more of it and how do we get others to get more too… Well it takes us all creating it and here’s the thing – if we’re joyful we are peaceful too

SO BE PART OF WORLD LAUGHTER DAY THIS YEAR and LAUGH for WORLD PEACE (your peace and for everyone else too)

ON SUNDAY MAY 1st – thousands will be laughing together for world peace

this is what we’re doing in Cape Town – a laughter flashmob at the V&A Waterfront at 12h25 exactly – see the link below for more info

World Laughter Day FLASHMOB 1st MAY


hee hee hee – ho ho ho