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This youtube link can be put in a global context and when I do, I cry tears of joyful possibility…

yes we can

The hopes of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in KwaZulu are the same as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA;
we will remember that there is something happening in our Planet;
that we are not as divided as our politics suggests;
that we are one people;
we are one nation;
and together, we will begin the next great chapter in Earth’s story with three words that will ring from coast to coast;
from sea to shining sea – Yes. We. Can.

It’s simple these 3 words… say them , be them and create new ways of what we can again and again

Yes we can … support each other

YES WE CAN create good news

Yes We can live joyfully together


ONE WORD – one vote

So EXCITING!!! Together with The Upliftment Programme, we have created this joyful, inspiring  little 1minute film –  “ONE WORD” and your vote can support us with a JOYful win!


Looking around these days, evidence of stress and depression is obvious. Few people seem to be laughing or smiling and the majority seem so caught up in resignation and cynisism. Yet coming from South Africa, I am part of a community super conscious of the power that individuals can have, our very own Madiba (Nelson Mandela) is a precious example of this. So I reckon if we ALL individually starting being the way of this one word – we would have a whole lot more joy on this planet and more joy means more peace and more solution-orientation…

We ALL have the potential to be the way of this ONE WORD and BE magnificent humanKIND.


So JOY sUPporters… please pop onto www.possiblefuturesfilmcontest.com register and vote for JOY…

with giggles and gratitude


The UP has been actively sharing joy since 2003, their main outreach has been to the children in hospitals & institutions, where trained UP volunteer Care Clowns commit to their local hospital/home every week and share joy there with the children, parents and staff. Currently in Southern Africa there are over 75 volunteer Care Clowns and a monthly JOYful Upliftment of approximately 3500 people. go to www.theup.org.za for more info


Yay precious sUPporters of JOY…

Wow this joy journey is just wonderful… everyday I am amazed at the inspired transformation happening to this planet. I live a life full of miracles and I am so excited to be part of the family of solution-orientated folk who are all taking daily actions to share possibility, grow dreams and transform our world…

As promised – here’s your monthly UPlifting episode… intended to share stories of some of these beings…
This episode is especially focused  on Dr Louise Van Rhyn – the founder of SYMPHONIA, an organisation strengthening the fabric of South African society. She is an inspired example of humanKIND, a remarkable reminder of the individual contribution we can ALL make when we choose to be of purpose and choose to live in possibility!



The UP is a monthly UPlifting programme – showcasing people on THE UP – truly  inspired, solution-orientated individuals who are transforming the planet. Proudly brought to you by The UP and myself – with our combined passion for sharing the Healing Power of JOY. “Joyful people are creative and caring people”

Dr Louise Van Rhyn & Symphonia – http://www.symphonia.net
These UPlifting programs’ are made manifest by charitable contributions – if you would like to sUPport the growth of joy – go to www.up.givengain.org and sUPport us (with giggly gratitude)

JOY of journaling

We all have simple ways to connect us to our JOY and one of mine had been calling me for days… and this morning I re-connected with it…
My journal…

A beautiful calligraphy pen, the little notes I stuck in it to uplift and inspire me – early in the year – are an added Blessing to this inspired ritual for me…
Blogging has the essence of joy sharing – which makes it special in it’s own way, but journaling – is my private JOY experience – the special word place where I can reflect without judgement and connect with my Creator with love and gratitude for the lessons and provisions…


Had to share the joy it created, with the hope that those who read this will be inspired to make the time for those special things which BRING joy exclusively to YOU and God…

With giggles and gratitude and love and light
journal JOY

Giggles and Gratitude

Finding the time, making the time to live both these inspired states of being, as often as possible and full of integrity…

tee hee hee
tee hee hee

The Giggle, sometime not easy to do, but with a simple shift of perspective, life’s challenges seem less serious – it’s amazing how a giggle even frees you from the frenetic on-goings of your mind…

The Gratitude – taking the time to appreciate, not just all we’re personally gifted in our lives, but every being we can appreciate too… The loved one – who once again prepared dinner, the staff at the till’s who serve us, the petrol attendant etc etc
My favorite joy trick of late: – I ask these service giving folk – “has someone appreciated you today?” : it always starts them thinking, then smiling and then often giggling as I tail off our interaction with; “thank you – I appreciate you and I hope many others now will too”

Gratitude – such a gift and tool to break down any wall… the one’s which internally block us from our humanKINDness and the outer walls which hinder us from deep connections too.

Giggles and Gratitude to you all!