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Yay (def.) is an exclamation indicating joy, approval, congratulation, or triumph.

When I say “Yay” – you say “YAY” – Why? Because it feels so good. Why? Because it’s a perfect expression of joy; because even if you don’t feel like saying it, when you do say YAY – it makes you feel like saying it again – YAY!


Here’s an article on JOY & YAY… thanks to MetaVarsity for encouraging me to write it…


Wishing you all a year full of  YAY!!!

JOY remember…

I’ve had the most awesome interactions with fellow joy activists

Volunteers who continue to make a remarkable joyful difference in the world – either as Care Clowns or Joy or Laughter Facilitators and it has got me thinking…

REMEMBER when you were little and you didn’t know of anything wrong – you might even have to go back to the womb (science has proven we are smiling in the womb by the way)… REMEMBER your inherit joy – it’s something we were all born with –

the knowing that this life:

it’s ALL beautiful, it’s all in harmony and it’s all an awesome amazing opportunity to play and learn and share and grow…

REMEMBER that smile that comes from your ALL knowing-ness

mother teresa


Remember you choose – so SMILE!


Here’s just a few testimonials on Nikki’s JOY Sessions and MCing

Pick ‘n Pay

“Nikki puts a lot of energy into her workshops and it germinated a seed in our minds that we should try and look on the bright side; A worthwhile workshop –I’ll definitely use Nikki’s services again.”         Mark Jennings Head of Marketing WCape, Pick ‘n Pay.

Sunflower Fund – Bandana Day MC – V& A Waterfront
“Highly entertaining, enthusiastic and passionate speaker – Nikki is a real “live wire and lots of fun”.

TINA BOTHA founder- Sunflower Fund

Standard Bank – Johannesburg

“95.3% for the Joy Session.This is the highest score standard bank has ever seen for a workshop:) Not to mention we are all joking and up to mischief at the moment – what a nice change:)

Nicky Pantland                                                                                                                                                                  Manager: Modeling, Reporting and MIS/ Credit Division Standard Bank.

Cape Talk

“We loved the workshop – thank you”

Shelly Doyle PR Manager

Shell SA

“Very enriching and a great release – thanks for all the tips and laughter”

Ken Christie

Greetings JOY seekers, sharers and activists!

Welcome to – SHARING JOY…

all for one & one for all

The joyous site – is intended as much for my growth as yours

Expect –

  • up-to-date reflections of laughter, joy, happiness and humanKINDness – shared with love and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the SOLUTION, the MEDICINE, the OTHER SIDE of the coin, which makes our world so unique.
  • tips for how to bring and sustain JOY
  • PODCASTS or at least links to them (with laughter exercises and audio tips)
  • TRUTH – I’m embarking on the journey in the longest night of 2009 to share my daily JOY experiences and practice what I teach
  • Inspiration – to find your JOY path – I hope many others will be inspired to choose a more JOYfull existence and in turn inspire others etc etc
  • LINKS to other inspiring, joyfull and uplifting sites, blogs and articles

With giggles and gratitude

Thank you for coming to share JOY and please feel free to send me your joy stories and reflections through contact link or directly to *nikkijackmanjoy (at) gmail.com

*my creative way of fooling the spamers