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Yay (def.) is an exclamation indicating joy, approval, congratulation, or triumph.

When I say “Yay” – you say “YAY” – Why? Because it feels so good. Why? Because it’s a perfect expression of joy; because even if you don’t feel like saying it, when you do say YAY – it makes you feel like saying it again – YAY!


Here’s an article on JOY & YAY… thanks to MetaVarsity for encouraging me to write it…


Wishing you all a year full of  YAY!!!

JOY ACTIVIST & self discovery

I am always amazed at how many people ask me – “are you always joyful & happy?”  & then I smile & say “no – don’t worry – I too am human and go through my stuff & still even judge my tides… I just choose to not stay there too long”

Actually at present I’m busy preparing to get married (check out weddingdit.com) and I’ve all sorts of new things coming up for me, mostly related to very deep fear of commitment and the amount of trust it seems you have to have to totally commit to someone for life, when you just never know what could come up. I’m working through it and for sure there’s been many tears, not all of them joyful I can say honestly – but healing all the same…

I’m going to end this post with a picture & the poem I’ve just written & I hope it will inspire ALL of you out there working though your tides & just be that much more gentle & loving with yourself as you peel back the layers…


Aunt Heather – your life a gift…

In honour of my Aunt Heather… and with a huge amount of appreciation to you for bringing so many of the family together again. Such a gift to be together again after so long and although tears flowed with thoughts of us missing you, we celebrate you… we ALL LOVE you and you showed us all – the miraculous gift that completing life can be – when you have such a remarkable relationship with God…

AUNT HEATHER WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE now IN THE HEAVENS and looking upon us all… Thank you for showing us what humanKINDness truly is, thank you for believing in ALL human beings and insisting on their greatness…

heather cable

MAfrika – my one woman show is largely a living dream through your belief in me & I devote this tour to you and your remarkable life…


My MAfrikan dream – 6 months in

Dearest Dear Ones (as MAfrika like to call our supporters)

This world is an awesome one, full of awesome adventurers courageous enough to live their dreams and create and live into inspired possibilities.


These words were always inspiring for me – but they really only felt like words for a while – but lately living this MAfrikan dream – I understand the remarkable effect dreams have when you are courageous enough to take them on. I was bold when I declared that in 2012 – I’d take this inspiring little one woman show MAfrika and reach twenty cities in twelve months, I could see that in reality it would take loads of creation and all I could feel was a tingling in my heart that seemed to be saying – just keep doing what you can right now and it will happen.

So the plan was to have reached 6 cities by now & at least 1500 children – well the dream lives and I’ve surrendered the how to God and I”m thrilled to say that we have completed 4 cities and 2 rural areas – we’ve reached over 2500 children already & I feel like it’s actually NOW about to take off. I’m so excited because people are so inspired by MAfrika’s message and they’re stepping up to help us reach thousands more.


In the theatre show MAfrika learns from the Fire element how to throw away her fear, from Earth how to laugh & connect to her purpose, from Air she learns to breathe & Water teaches her to go with the flow and surrender. What apt reminders too for me on the physical journey & I am totally surrendered to how this journey will look at the end.

Yes I still hold the intention (or inTENtion as MAfrika calls it) of being as far as Somalia by the end of the year and to have reached 20 000 children with this wonderful message of love, joy and unity. And I start a new fundraising campaign tomorrow & I’m praying for some corporate or large investment support… I’m also going to stay open to all the synergising, collaborating, win-win-win opportunities & welcome any tips you have for me.

THANK YOU DEAR ONE’S for believing in your dreams, for courageously stepping into them and for BEing awesome examples of humanKIND!!!


Wow what an awesomely amazing time to be alive, you can physically feel the shift happening… So many people are waking up to their purpose, stepping out of their shadowed – play safe existence and choosing to BE the ALL they were born to be…

AND YES there are challenges, yes there are times it seems easier to go to a less risky existence but our journey here is to grow, steadily and solidly like a big old yellow wood. We don’t need to change our growth, or the tides we are going through, we just need to be the all we are – each and every moment and when the mind-judgement-stuff comes up to say “you can’t do it”, “this is impossible”, “be realistic”… just remember you are LOVED, you are not alone, you are part of a growing consciousness – there are thousands of us stepping BOLDLY INTO LIVING… LOVING ALL the tides, all the seasons and all the magnificence…

mother Tee

This year 2012 I chose to take on bringing a theatre show & workshops to 20 cities in 12 months… I go through all the motions I’ve mentioned above and I just stay in communication, I’ve surounded myself with people who will hold my hand or kick my butt whichever is needed  – but bottom line (pun intended) I am staying on the journey and choosing love, living faith and being the crazy full Nicola – joy activist I was born to be. And as I live this way – as I am all of me, I’ll be inspiring others too as we are all ONE

MAfrika’s reflection of WORLD WATER DAY…

Greetings Dear Ones…

Nikki’s site is all about Sharing joy so we are sharing this space to share joy…

TODAY IS WORLD WATER DAY & I was thinking about all the water in us & what we can learn from water…


Flo-ula is found on my journey (she is the most beautiful element of water) & today in celebrating water & thinking of all those without enough water… I choose to APPRECIATE ALL THE WATER… which also means all of you as we are all over 65% water…
Flo-ula’s message is LET GO… let go of anything that’s in the way of you being THE WOW BEING you were born to be…

so I let go of all the thoughts holding me back today – I surrender – so Big Dad can show me the way…

With love & gratitude for WATER & all water does for us and is for us

To follow MAfrika go to www.mafrika2012.com & link to her twitter & facebook

Mintyl HaXaku FLO-ULA Mintyl HaXaku WATER…

so Grateful…

I’m now past the first phase of my 2012 LOVE & JOY tour –  MAfrika2012 and I’m here just thinking “WOW” – I am so so so BLESSED!

Amazing friends and supporters have stepped in and thrown, time, money and creative resources and proven to me the power of Einstein statement ” if you can imagine it – you can create it” WOWZER Einstein you were right on it… Thank you!

Thank you for your genius, now that I’m really living it – I keep imagining more and more of us choosing love, choosing kindness and choosing care for each other…


together we can

Thank you to all my new and old friends, thank you to all the schools, thank you to the 1500plus DEAR ONE’S who’ve seen MAfrika and continue to live her message of LOVE, JOY & UNITY…

I am so so so so grateful for this awesome, amazing and wonderful journey in which I get to live my talents & bliss and inspire others to do the same! LIFE IS GRAND!

As MAfrika would say “Mintyl HaXaku” (I LOVE YOU) and love you I do…

More on MAfrika on www.mafrika2012.com


Thanks to www.bornthiswayfoundation.org

I was inspired to share what BRAVERY IS TO ME…

joy in living

Bravery to me – means stepping boldly into FOLLOWING your DREAMS those special dreams of your heart.
Ten years ago I envisioned my Care Clown (hospital clown) reaching thousands of children and adult children with her message of love,joy and unity.
Now it’s 2012 and I’m touring with MAfrika (my Care Clown) 20 cities 12 months through Africa. I’ve already reached 1500 children in the first 2 cities and I feel my life shifting with the massive bravery it takes every day to LIVE THE BIG DREAM!
I was born this way, with a whole heap of crazy creativity, hope, love and joy to share and I’m thrilled to be living in a time where we are all accepting this awesome individuality and celebrating the ONEness we all are beyond that too!

I am so excited about our world and the possibility that exists right now for us all to dream, create and live as ONE!


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

I see so many inspired people stepping UP to play big games this year, spreading their messages of transformation, growth, love and possibility. And I realise more than ever the power of action and the excitement of these times we are living in…


waiting for

If we envision a healthier, happier world then it’s up to us to support that journey and it starts with choice then action, then choice then action and before we realise it we’re having so much fun and our new world exists…

Here’s wishing you all a year full of lived dreams and actions that make your heart and the worlds heart sing… One other thing – we may be a lot of ones (individuals up to our big games in life) but when we synergise and support our strength and effect magnifies. Let’s do it together!

2012 – WE ARE off the shelf and into the BIG GAME!

WOW 2011!!

wow what an inspired year…

2011 you have been an inspired year full of learning, growing, exploring, standing, falling and deeply grasping the strength of TEAM!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

As this year draws to a close I am letting go of:

  • Excuses for not being courageous and extra-ordinary
  • making FEAR mean more than just another thought
  • Worrying about anything and not seeking support when I feel like I can’t stop worrying
  • Thinking I NEED to DO LIFE on MY OWN
  • Hiding behind the blanket of the past
  • Lack mentality

And I am embracing and nurturing:

  • Awesome JOY purpose
  • MAfrika and her awesome possibility – http://www.youtube.com/user/MAfrika2012
  • TEAM & FAMILY in all areas of my life
  • humanKINDness – when I am for others – I am for me
  • LOVE & I choose to choose LOVE again and again and again
  • Courage & LOVE as the antidote to FEAR
  • Sharing myself openly and honestly
  • INTEGRITY – truth, honour, trust – in all ways…

This has been amazing year and I send love to all the precious friends and colleagues who’ve shared this growth with me – I especially acknowledge all The UP volunteers and sUPporters, all the stars at Landmark Education and all the awesome Dear Ones who’ve been collaborating to make MAfrika’s 2012 dream manifest.

MAfrika FB

Special thanks to God for ALL that is and is to come!

With big hugs and huge appreciation for 2011!

:) Nicola