With appreciation we create joy…


It’s with appreciation, with gratitude that we experience joy…

Last night I heard that science is finally proving, what we’ve always intuited, that when we appreciate or are appreciated – we experience positive physiological responses.

PROVING – Appreciation creates joy in symbiosis


On that note – I’d like to share an appreciation I received for my 67Random acts “shinanigans” (love that word) on Mandela Day –

I just want to say what a special moment happened on Mandela Day, my mom was entering a bookshop when she was given this rose quatz with a special message. While she was handed this stone her mother-in-law passed away at that precised moment.
My mom loves the stone and the message, she has shown everyone in the family.
It brought a smile on her face during the death of a love one.Thank-you to this wonderful person who took a moment to hand her this stone.
I look at this small stone and see something magical about it.

Big DAD thanks for the lesson in appreciation and the growth of folk SHARING JOY

If you too are inspired to do random acts of kindness , or if someone has done something for you – share it here or on the facebook site “sharing Joy”

With giggles and gratitude y’all – thanks for following my blog